RoseWood Signature Fountain Pen

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Our Luxury Classic Rosewood Fountain pen is perfect for turning your words into meaning. Maybe you used to have a favourite pen at school, or you still do? This fountain pen will remind you of how nice and fluent it was for you to get thoughts and sentences down on to paper.

With a gloss rosewood finish, textured metal and balanced weight, this is truly a remarkable writing apparatus and a great conversation starter.

Breakaway from writing with biros - everyone uses them. Write with a fountain pen that signifies you or another person; someone with importance.

Specifications :

Nib Type: Standard Type
Model Number: 00205
Type: Fountain Pen
Packaging: Loose
Writing Point: 0.5mm
Material: Metal
Nib Material: Iraurita
Fountain Pen's Tip Material: Other Metals
Special Application: Writing
Uses: pens for offices and schools
Color: Red Wood Black
Nib material: High quality alloy
Scope of application: students, schools, offices, gift pens

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